Building your wealth starts with Step 1...

lifetime financial planning steps
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So... "where is 'Step 1' for me...???"

Depending upon your age, current finances, and family situation... each of us has a different financial life plan and, therefore, a different "Step 1." For a 'no obligation' assessment of your "Plan" and "starting point" ~ call our offices at (714) 432-0794.

Your Financial Plan ~ Financial planning can be logical and straightforward when you have a tax and financial planning expert sitting at your elbow.

Term insurance and whole life insurance combined with homeowners insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, general liability, key man insurance, college insurance and other insurance instruments will provide the guarantee that you and your family reach your financial goals.
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Insuring that you get there...

Though not always the 'first step,' establishing assurances that your financial plans will continue even when unforseen contingencies arise... is an important part of guaranteeing your end goals are reached.

Insurance ~ Learn how certain insurance instruments can be used for college savings, long term care, catastrophic event, loan repayment guarantees... and more

learn how to plan for long term care when the unexpected or inevitable becomes a reality
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Care and being cared for...

Along the way, expect the unexpected. To insure quality care for those you love without having to give up your dreams ~ certain strategies can be employed that are affordable and recoverable.

Long Term Care ~ making sure unforseen or unplanned events do not disrupt your financial goals.

learn about a variety of instruments to insure that your assets are passed along to only those you designate
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Wills that will withstand legal challenge...

Part of your life plan is to properly distribute your wealth among your heirs after you are gone. Without clearly defined Wills ~ attorneys will end up "inheriting" some of your wealth.

Wills ~ your assurance that your Will - will be carried out

learn how Al Rasch & Associates can help you save your home and credit by renegotiating your mortgage loan terms
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Mortgage loan renegotiations...

Variable rate loans, 125s and seconds frequently start out with smiles but lead to fear and frustration. The good news is that the bank doesn't really want your house... and will go to considerable lengths to help keep you in it. We can help...

Mortgage Loan Renegotiations ~ foreclosures don't have to happen. Learn how to avoid foreclosure and protect your home and credit.

learn how to protect your assets and make sure they are assigned and disbursed as you've directed
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Trusts that protect your wealth and your wishes...

Whether you are alive or not, you have a plan you want to make sure is followed. Trusts you can "trust" are the tool used to insure your assets are managed according to your wishes.

Trusts ~ directions on how to manage your finances when you no longer can manage them yourself.

a power of attorney allows you to designate a trusted entity to sign for you within designated circumstances
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Authorizing others to sign for you... 'Power of Attorney.' Some Powers of Attorney are all inclusive while others are specific to certain matters only.

Power of Attorney ~ your authorization to allow another to sign for you.

grow you wealth through the power of compound investment returns
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Investments are the key to wealth building...

...but the challenge is twofold. We all want our money to grow - but without risk. An experienced counselor at Al Rasch and associates can help you maximize your asset value while minimizing risk.

Investment ~ placing your money into equity or other financial instruments with the expectation of increased value.

learn how REITs and debt instruments such as bonds can provide you with a reliable retirement income
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Annuities are key to retirement...

...but require a carefully assembled mix of securities that balance risk and yield. Spend time with your financial planner to learn about your options.

Annuity ~ an investment that yields a consistent periodic yield in the form of interest, dividends, or other financial return.

let Al Rasch, an experienced attorney in estate law, show you how to reach your financial goals much sooner than you had anticipated
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Estate planning is your map to success...

...and considers all aspects of growing your wealth from career path to income protection to health maintenance to tax planning - and more.

Estate Planning ~ is the orderly planning and preparation for liquidation of an estate at 'end of life'.

learn how Al Rasch & Associates can help you determine whether or not bankruptcy is a viable option for your financial future
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A bankruptcy is not the end... it is the beginning of a new life, free of debt - but now able to go forward with experience and knowledge you didn't possess when you started out.

Bankruptcy ~ may be your key to a new start and better financial planning.