managing money

Estate planning and retirement planning are not the sole domain of big business or the individually rich and famous. It is a process equally applicable to almost any level of income that when practiced consistently – will eventually lead to the accumulation of a relatively large capital asset base.

38096881_sMuch of wealth management deals with cash flow. Where does cash come from and where does it go.

Effective wealth management plans utilize personal savings (or corporate “savings”) and a combination of bank loans or borrowed capital in order to leverage higher returns from your basic investment. For a business, additional capital can come from distributing equity among other stockholders and using this cash to leverage your basic asset base into a higher total return. In other words, it is better to own 50% of a $100M company than 100% of a $1M company.

Whether your wealth comes from corporate valuations or personal wealth – or a combination of both, managing your cash flow for maximum yield can cause a drastic increase in total return and substantially reduce the time to get there.

With a strong background in tax law, and as certified CPAs, Al Rasch & Associates can guide your personal asset base through the maze of tax laws and investment vehicles that both assist and hamper the accumulation of wealth.

“I have the pleasure of working with Al Rasch as he provides financial and planning resources to small businesses in conjunction with the Small Business Development Center in Hawaii. One of these companies is currently expanding its base not only in Hawaii, but also in the Far East. Al also serves as my personal advisor on business, tax, financial and personal issues.”
- Mark Spain, Deputy District Director, Hawaii District, SBA, Hawaii