estate planning

12701379_sEstate planning entails determining what is going to happen to your assets after you’ve passed away.

If you have no heirs and you time it right – you’ll have spent your last dollar at about the same time you draw your last breath. It usually doesn’t work out this way. First, you probably have heirs – and you probably love them and want them to continue their life in a better fashion than you lived yours. This is a primal instinct that insures the continuation of the human race and the ongoing improvement in the quality of life we all live.

You have at least one enemy standing between your fortune and its rightful heirs.

That enemy is the United States Federal Government.

Our government is run by people, elected and unelected, whose financial well being is based upon a large and reliable inflow of revenue every day. If you haven’t established an estate plan, a probate plan that manages how your assets are transferred to your family in a “tax safe” manner – you can be assured that the taxing authorities will invoke laws that are ready made to take as much of your accrued wealth as possible through inheritance taxes.

Additionally, if your affairs are not in order at the time of your passing – then the court assigned probate attorneys will also take a healthy cut of what you left for your children.

By spending time with Al Rasch & Associates to plan a controlled and tax friendly transfer of assets to your children, you insure that the maximum amount of your “already taxed” wealth will end up where it belongs… with your designated heirs.

“Al Rasch is the attorney managing my 93 year-old father’s estate. His willingness to take on this task has relieved me and my siblings of a tremendous amount of stress .He literally has been a godsend. He has organized, prepared and filed both state and federal tax returns for 3 different parts of the estate. He has also worked directly with the estates property managers so the month-to-month issues can get resolved in a more timely fashion. His unique combination of accounting, financial and legal skills enable him to be a very effective and above-board overseer.”
- Keith Arnold, Ph.D.