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Protecting your family and business is essential for your peace of mind.

Unfortunately, this process can be complicated, confusing, and frustrating. It requires an in-depth knowledge, expertise, and experience in the areas of law, taxes, estate planning, wealth management, and insurance, as well as an understanding of sound business practices.

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Keith Arnold, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Cal Poly Pomona

"Al Rasch is the attorney managing my 93 year-old father's estate. His willingness to take on this task has relieved me and my siblings of a tremendous amount of stress. He literally has been a godsend. He has organized, prepared and filed both state and federal tax returns for 3 different parts of the estate. He has also worked directly with the estate's property managers so the month-to-month issues can get resolved in a more timely fashion. His unique combination of accounting, financial and legal skills enable him to be a very effective and above-board overseer."

James and Mary Ann Perry ~

"We have known Albert Rasch for over 25 years as a friend, mentor and as our family's attorney and advisor. Al has guided us, and our parents, with our tax and estate issues. He has assisted in arranging proper care for our developmentally disabled brother and sister. When you need guidance and support in legal and financial areas, Al is the professional you need on your side."

Mark Spain, Dep. Dist. Dir, Hawaii Dist., SBA ~

"I have the pleasure of working with Al Rasch as he provides financial and planning resources to small businesses in conjunction with the Small Business Development Center in Hawaii. One of these companies is currently expanding its base not only in Hawaii, but also in the Far East. Al also serves as my personal advisor on business, tax, financial and personal issues."

Roxanne Morris ~

"Albert Rasch has been my legal, tax, financial and family counselor for over 20 years. He has been my support through terrible times in my life from the murder of my daughter, to my husband leaving me in near financial ruin, to the death of my brother, who's home I was living in after my divorce.

"He worked with me and my brother's estate to ensure I had a place to live that I could afford. He provided support and advice in personal matters when my son-in-law was ill with cancer and then with the death of my second daughter. I highly recommend him as a business and family counselor ."